Benedict Cumberbatch helps Madame Tussauds artists out with the early sculpting for his new wax figure (x)

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Hello, everyone. This is Tom.

I like to watch them talk without words.

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Benedict Cumberbatch helps Madame Tussauds artists out with the early sculpting for his new wax figure[HQ]

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It is John’s habit to pull the door closed by the knocker, making it hang to the left.  But notice that Sherlock’s practice is not to adjust the knocker to the left, but to the right. He’s annoyed to see that Mycroft has straightened it.  To Sherlock’s mind, it should hang to the right if he is at home with John, or to the left, if John is out. 

These little tiny details are what take this show to some next level shit.

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john + changing subjects aka just answer the fucking question john



keep my eyes fixed on you…..

This is the best manip EVER. 

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I know.

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

To the very best of times, John.

This makes me so sad….

This scene always breaks my heart: he know he’s going to die, but he doesn’t care. He can only think that’s the last time he talked to John, his only love, he thinks he doesn’t want to fall in love ever again, ‘cause it hurts too much…
great, I succeeded in depressing myself once again ._.

I still like how people refuse to believe that he’s been crying in this scene. Ugh.

And it’s so fucking important, because his entire thing throughout the series is eschewing all emotion in favour of reason and logic, to the point where John even calls him a machine. And he’s brought to the point here, leaving John forever, where he cannot hold back anymore and he allows himself to cry. Over John. Over never seeing John again. For once, he permits himself to feel instead of stamping down his feelings, and it literally comes pouring out of him. Because of John.

You’d have to be blind not to see how desperately in love with John he is. Johnlock isn’t even a question anymore. It’s a statement, bolded and underscored.

He presses the hand John has touched to his lips. It’s the very same hand.

Just in case after the “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name” line you thought he wasn’t going to say “I love you”. That was a statement, this scene is a confirmation.

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Clear the path for the Ace!


Dragons of Berk (x)

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show me your love x

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Congratulations to the Sherlock team! The show won 7 awards and is the biggest winner of the Emmys 2014!

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